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Best Scrubs for Estheticians

Best Scrubs for Estheticians

As an esthetician, you want to look your absolute best for your clients. Wearing a polished, professional set of scrubs will up your game considerably, but what are the best scrubs for estheticians? Determining the best type of scrubs is achieved by satisfying three things: practicality, comfortability, and great-fitting and looking.

A few things to keep in consideration for esthetician scrubs that meet these standards include:

  • Black, or dark-colored 
  • Fashionable
  • High-tech fabric, antimicrobial
  • Easy to clean and easy to keep clean
  • Wrinkle-free material
  • Shape enhancing
  • Short sleeve, for movability and comfort
  • Pockets in all the right places
  • Practical
  • Timeless style
  • Great fit 
  • Breathable fabric – especially necessary for days when the weather is hot or cold
  • The right cut, that’s comfortable and perfect for your body type

“The uniform I choose for work is a pair of scrubs that fits me perfectly and is non-constricting. I like dark gray because it always looks great. Sometimes I wear white scrubs because they look polished, but the dark gray is more commanding,” - Anita Ballesteros, an esthetician from Austin, Texas. 

What Color Scrubs are Best for Estheticians?

Interviews with three estheticians revealed that black or dark-colored scrubs are the most appealing to industry practitioners for a few reasons. First, dark scrubs are easier to maintain and keep a clean look throughout the day. There’s ample opportunity for the possibility of spills or stains, so wearing dark colors can mask reasonable “accidents.” Second, dark, and especially black scrubs have a look of power, control, and authority, as well as sophistication. Looking like you’re in charge gives the customer or client a sense of confidence that the job will be done well. 

However, with new fashions in the industry and a variety of choices, black is no longer the only color to wear. Many estheticians and salon proprietors choose white, navy, gray, lilac, and light blue, to name a few. Scrubs with decorative contrasting edging add flair and style, often chosen by estheticians as well.

When working in the beautification and self-care industry and commanding a sense of respect, you’ll want to portray a look of sophistication and poise in the environment. You’ll be up close and personal with clients receiving treatments. They’ll want an esthetician they can trust, and feel safe to be in such proximity. Instilling confidence is a matter of wearing the best uniform – scrubs that look well-fitted, clean, and crisp. It’s a simple remedy.

“I wear light blue scrubs Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. On Thursdays, the end of my week, I like to wear black scrubs with gray trim. I’m always complimented on my look,” commented Nancy Dupont, a traveling medical esthetician based in eastern Massachusetts. “Though I don’t wear jewelry or anything decorative, my clients are always mentioning how well-put-together my outfit looks. It makes me feel ready for anything. I love that.”

Individuality with Scrubs

Maintaining your own sense of style is in the details. Choosing to wear scrubs (as opposed to the also-accepted business casual) in the beauty and wellness industry is a step toward asserting one’s individuality. Consider the following details when determining your style:

  • Style: Professional and assertive or cute and welcoming
  • Color: Dark or light
  • Shape: V-neck or scoop neck, form-fitting or loose
  • Plenty of pockets and utilitarian or with fewer pockets: Sleek fitting scrubs will add a nice sense of style, while somewhat looser fitting scrubs will look comfortable and allow for flexibility when moving throughout the day.
  • Fabric: Cotton or quality, newer fabric technology blends
  • Embellishments: If jewelry is allowed, consider a cute pin or elegant brooch

Because estheticians are scrutinized closely by clients, scrubs are the perfect uniform for this industry. When choosing scrubs that’ll be perfect for your career, recall the top three important attributes: practicality, look/great-fitting, and comfortability. Once you narrow down your style and find some cute esthetician scrubs, you’ll be well on your way to looking the part in style you’ll feel great all day long.