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Women's Medical Lab Coats

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Women's Signature Lab Coat
Women's Signature Lab Coat
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    Dating back over 100 years, the white medical lab coat has been a symbol of the medical field around the world. For too long, professional lab coats have had to sacrifice either efficiency or fashion-sense. Body Intelligence founder, Stephanie Garrigus became tired of having to choose between functionality and fashion when choosing her medical attire. At Body Intelligence, we choose to stand against the choosing; we offer women’s medical lab coats that satisfy both fashionable and practical criteria. 


    Incredible Features


    Each women’s stylish white lab coat has been expertly engineered using fabrics and designs that allow a wide range of movement. Our assortment of professional lab coats includes a range of features to help you focus less on what your wearing, and more on your patients. While you shop for the best medical lab coat, look for the following features: 


    • Breathable to provide the highest level of comfort for the professional on the move.
    • Lightweight, so you don’t feel weighed down.
    • Wickable to keep you dry in even the most stressful of situations.
    • Wrinkle-free to maintain that clean, professional look. 
    • Wear-free to maintain that fresh appearance that doesn’t look tired. 
    • Completely anti-microbial to limit the distribution of cross-contamination between your patients. 


    We recognize that life in the medical field is go, go, go—so you need a coat that’s able to keep up. In addition to the previously mentioned features, our women’s medical lab coats reflect modern trends in professional attire. Invest in one of our stylish lab coats for women today for a stylish and successful tomorrow.