Earn when you share with our brand ambassador program!

Program Details

What is a BI Brand Ambassador?

Body Intelligence Ambassadors are a group of specially selected healthcare professionals that are true extensions of the BI brand and influencers within the healthcare community. Our ambassadors are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle, looking great and feeling even better. Body Intelligence ambassadors both know and love our products and continually promote confidence, overall wellness and the Body Intelligence brand while wearing our clothing.

What does a BI Brand Ambassador do

As influencers in the healthcare community, BI ambassadors share their excitement of our well-made clothing and spread knowledge of the Body Intelligence brand, both through word of mouth and social media platforms.

Ambassador Program Goals:

  • Increased engagement and awareness of the BI brand on social media channels
  • Increased word of mouth marketing
  • Increased sales through influencers channels

Program Benefits

In return for sharing your passion for confident clothing and the knowledge of our brand with your community you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Receive 25% off all your purchases
  • Free embroidery for up to 5 scrub tops
  • Be offered a unique discount code to use while promoting our brand. When you refer friends, colleagues and others from your community and they make purchases with your unique referral code, they will receive 15% off their orders. You’ll also accrue credits for each of their purchases, which can be used towards future discounts for yourself and your staff.
  • Earn “Elite Ambassador” status over time to receive free scrubs for life!


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