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Fashion meets function: How athleisure clothing has taken over

Fashion meets function: How athleisure clothing has taken over

It’s no secret that most women spend 60% of their lives in some sort of athleisure or active wear piece- even if they rock a power suit to work.  The ease of putting on comfortable clothing that is not only flattering but, functional is the goal that the modern woman has mastered.

Cut to the high-end market like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana or even Rag & Bone, brands that started as high end contemporary are now mostly known for their athleisure looks that ultimately lean on the side of comfort of class (dare I say).

Which is what brings us to Scrubs: they have been around and worn by multiple industries far before athleisure was even a category. And as comfy as they are, they have not been functional or fashionable. For the leading uniform of some of the most transformative industries in the world Body Intelligence decided to mirror their clothing to their craft.

Body Intelligence scrubs are crafted from durable top quality fabrics, that excel in flexibility and functionality. Our scrubs are both functional and fashionable. Using premium materials that allow a sleek fit, which conforms to the body without restricting your range of motion. Each day is a new opportunity to present the best version of yourself. 

Made to move with you from long shifts to life after you leave the workplace - Look sharp and dress smart in Body Intelligence scrubs!